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comic-3-2013When I started writing - before the Internet made the world smaller and communication easier and cut way back of the carbon imprint we author-types were placing on our planet - bookmarks were a huge big deal. We dealt them out to everyone we passed. We dropped them off, set them out, stuffed them in books and mailed them to lists of book stores never knowing if they were distributed or tossed in the trash - generally all at our own expense.

I had them made for my first three books that mandatory 2x7 inch strip of card-stock paper that looked pretty much like the thousands and thousands of other bookmarks being dealt, set, stuffed and mailed.

All my brothers and sisters are gifted with special talents above and beyond what they do for a living. Several are wonderful cartoonists, especially my older sister, Karen. She used to send odd little sketches of me for my birthdays or just out of the blue and by the time my fourth book came out I had a small gallery of haggard mother-writer cartoons on my wall that were just too good not to share. The result was a refreshing, amusing alternative to the usual bookmark - also calendars, ads and stationary – that soon became my trademark.

Mary Kay

Postcards and Stationery

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Mary Kay McComas